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I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new and returning families from Schwartz Catering. Schwartz Catering operates a full service cafeteria here at St. Ignatius. Services we provide, but not limited to are as follows: breakfast, lunch, snacks and birthday cupcakes.

Breakfast: Breakfast is served every morning before school and at recess. Kitchen opens at 7:35am.

Lunch: We offer A La Carte options which are purchased daily. An A La Carte Menu will be sent home every month. You can also find the menu and all other forms on the school website.

Lunch Account Program: We offer a lunch account program. It allows you to pay in advance for meals, snacks and beverages. You first deposit money into your child’s account then your child may
purchase items that are then deducted from their account. You choose what they can and can not purchase. When accounts get low, we send out a quick text, email or note home. We accept cash, check or credit cards. There is a fee and a minimum of $20.00 when using your credit card. Credit card fees are: 2.75% for a swiped card and 3.25% on non swiped cards. Cards we accepted are: Visa, Master Card, American Express and
Discover Card.

Pre-order A La Carte: Students are encouraged to pre-order their lunch for the day. Pre-orders are taken before school or at recess. Never forget to cancel any pre-ordered lunches if your child goes home early.

Lastly, a few suggestions to make lunch time for your child a lot less stressful. 1) Look over the menu each month with your child and choose the option you know they will eat. 2) Take note of our prices and send your child with the appropriate amount of money. Do not send your child with loose money. A lot of money is lost through out the year which causes unnecessary stress for your child. Take advantage of our lunch account system. You may text in your order for your child every morning. 3) All cancellations must be made before 10am or you loose your credit. 4) On early out days. Schwartz Catering does not provide lunch. If you have a student in TK or Kinder, they must bring their own lunch on those days. 5) Please take time to read the “rules of the kitchen” form with your child.

Let’s make this year a great one!! Never hesitate to call, text, email or come in with any questions.

Please read all Schwartz Catering papers going home, there is a ton of information. Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for a quick message or info when needed.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Sandra Schwartz Schwartz Catering

818.471.9193  SchwartzCatering@gmail.com    Facebook.com/SchwartzCatering    Instagram: @SchwartzCatering    Twitter: @SchwartzCateri1

Below are Menu Calendars, forms, and other information:

Lunch Menu May 2018

Breakfast Menu 2017-2018

Rules of the Kitchen 2017-2018

Credit Form 2017-2018

Cupcake Flyer 2017-2018

Contact Us

St. Ignatius of Loyola School

6025 Monte Vista Street
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Phone: 323-255-6456
Fax: 323-255-0959