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The New School Year is Just Around the Corner!

August 10, 2017 by Website Admin

August 10, 2017

Dear Falcon Families,

The new school year is just around the corner! We are looking forward to having all of our wonderful students return to school on August 16th, along with many new friends.

I would like to welcome you all and let you know how blessed I feel to be the principal of our fabulous little school in Highland Park. Together, we accomplished many amazing things last year, and I am truly looking forward to what this year will bring. Most importantly, I look forward to cheering on your children as they grow in knowledge and faith.

Our faculty and staff have returned to prepare the classrooms for our students. We have also had some generous parents and friends come out to paint and prepare our downstairs walls for more mural work. Our students will soon be surrounded by bright and cheery images. The TK classroom has also received a fresh coat of color for the new school year, and the stairs were painted this week. Thanks to all who donated supplies and time to make this happen!

All of our teachers are returning this year, with the exception of Mrs. Schellenbach who had a baby last spring and is loving her new role as a stay at home mommy. We wish her all the best! This year, I will be stepping out of the classroom completely and focusing on my role as the lead learner of the school. In my place as the 7th grade homeroom teacher will be Ms. Allison Nava, who co-taught with me last year and directed the enrichment program this summer . I am very happy to have Mrs. Medrano stepping in as the 4th grade homeroom teacher. Although she has been an aid at our school for many years, she has also held long term substitute teaching positions and she has had experience teaching every grade level. Our students will surely benefit from her great knowledge, especially in Language Arts and Religion. I am also pleased to announce that our P.E. coach, Mr. Miguel Basurto, will also be our Athletic Director. We are thankful to Mr. Gabriel Ponce for serving as our AD for the past several years.

Here are a few reminders:

  • Supply Drop off is from 1pm-3pm on August 15th. This event is for your convenience and is
    optional. Please drop off in your child’s classroom. Stop by the office for directions if needed.
  • Day care will be available starting on August 16th. Any student who will be attending daycare
    must have a completed registration form in the office prior to August 16th, along with the registration fee. No student can legally attend daycare without these forms on file in the school office. The forms can be found at stignatiusla.org under the parent tab or in the office.
  • School starts on August 16th at 8am with Morning Assembly. All Morning Assemblies will be held in the Parish Hall. Parents are welcomed to join us for Flag Salute, Morning Prayer, and Announcements.
  • Before school, students in grades 1-8 are dropped off on the upper lot and go down to gather at the lunch tables. They may also be dropped off in front the school office, however, you must pull forward and DO NOT block the bus stop. Drop off must take place to the west of our walkway entrance.
  • Students in Grades TK and K are walked to their classrooms and dropped off at their classroom doors.
  • Parents are kindly asked to not stay in the classrooms nor at the classroom doors. TK and Kinder teachers, especially, must be attentive to their students and cannot hold individual personal conferences nor conversations at that time. Please email them or send handwritten letters should you need to share information with them or ask questions that may require longer answers.
  • Schwartz Catering will be providing food services starting on August 16th with breakfast foods and snacks for recess. Schwartz sells a variety of foods and snacks. Please be sure to inform Sandy Schwartz of any items that you do NOT want to allow your child to purchase from food services.
  • This year, any student who has St. Ignatius sports practice after school must CHANGE DURING LUNCH PLAY TIME. Students will no longer change after school so that parents can pick up and leave in a timely fashion.
  • School will be dismissed at 12:30 on 8/16, 8/17, and 8/18.
  • The regular school schedule will be 8am to 3pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Tuesdays, school will take place from 8am to 2pm due to Faculty Meetings. At least once per month, there will be 12:30 dismissal (early out) so that teachers may participate in professional learning communities/professional development. Early Out days can be found on the calendar at stignatiusla.org
  • As a response to parental concerns and in order to alleviate the terrible traffic on Avenue 61, student pick up will be in the classroom (rainy day style). We have found that this method actually gets the students out more quickly and with less traffic problems. Please park in the upper lot and pick up your child at their classroom door. For legal reasons, students will not be allowed to leave the classroom until the final bell rings. You may only take them out early if you sign them out in the school office. Only students who attend daycare, walk home, or have after school sports practice on campus with a coach present will be allowed to leave the classroom without a parent/guardian/carpool driver. PLEASE do not text or call students to come out to your car in the lot. All students must be accompanied to their cars by adults. Note: If you have more than one child, please pick up your children in the classroom of the YOUNGEST child. Please remember that this is not a time for conferencing with teachers. If you need to speak to a teacher about a concern, please set up an appointment to meet at a later time.
  • If your child is susceptible to mosquito bites, please put insect repellent on them daily until the weather cools off. Mosquitoes have been particularly aggressive this year, and we do see them in the area around school. We have worked with LA County Vector Control and are doing what we can to minimize the mosquitoes around campus.

Thank you for entrusting your children to our care. We look forward to partnering with you for your child’s education, growth, and spiritual development.


~Mrs. Ileana Wade


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