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The children, of course, are our number one priority. However, parents are the backbone of our school. At St. Ignatius, we strive to involve our parents in all aspects of their children’s education. With their involvement and support, our school thrives. Without it, our school does not succeed. Parents not only live in our community, but in many cases also work in our surrounding neighborhood. Winning their confidence and support enables St. Ignatius to play a prominent and an important role in our community. Our parents can tell their neighbors and co-workers of the role that our school plays in educating their children.

Education makes our community stronger and proud. It is a place where other families want to come to. It becomes a vibrant place where education is appreciated and fostered.

Parent Guild

Parent Guild is an organization consisting of all parent or guardians of children in our school. The primary purpose of the Parent Guild is to assist the school in activities and to raise funds for the direct operation of the school. Yearly dues are $20.00 and must be paid annually at registration time. Families are required to volunteer service hours and participate in fundraisers. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month from 7:00pm–8:00pm.

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