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Non-Refundable Enrollment Fees

Application and Testing Fee:   $25.00 per student (for new applicants only)

Registration Fee for Grades 1-8  $375.00 first student; $355.00 for each additional student

Registration Fee for TK and K students $435 first student;  $415 for each additional student


Tuition is based on the cost to educate per pupil, however it is set well below the actual rate so that a Catholic education is affordable to as many children as possible. With this in mind, ALL families are receiving a discount on tuition at St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish School and tuition is calculated on a individual basis if needed. Please call the office for current tuition rate.

The deficit in tuition is made up through mandatory and volunteer fundraisers throughout the year. Tuition is the main source of revenue for the school. Tuition payments can be made in 11 installments, July to May, and families may pay in full, bi-yearly, or in 12 monthly installments throughout the year. Families are willing to sacrifice and pay as much of the set tuition as they can because they know the value of a Catholic Education.

Tuition Collection

If parents choose the monthly installments the school employs the services of the SmartTuition company to collect payments on behalf of the school. Parents may choose to pay by the 5th or the 20th of the month. These monthly payments are deducted automatically from their checking account. Payments not received 10 days after the due date are subject to a $15.00 late fee. There is an additional fee of $10.00 charged for checks that “bounce”.

Tuition Assistance

All families who need assistance paying tuition MUST complete a Catholic Education Foundation application in the Spring.  Families who would like to apply for financial assistance from CEF or the school must fill out the financial form provided by CEF, along with the appropriate documentation before being considered for any assistance. No assistance will be awarded to families without the required paperwork on file.


The Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) provides grants to families who show great need based on their complete application and tax return information. Please make sure to complete an application in the Spring in order to be considered for financial assistance for the following year.


Dominican Sisters’ Vision of Hope Tuition Assistance is available, on a limited basis, to those families who truly need tuition assistance, but do not qualify for CEF. Applications will be considered and grants will be given based on great need. CEF applications are used to determine these grants, even if you do not qualify for CEF.


When any family receives tuition assistance from any source, it is considered negotiated tuition. When tuition is negotiated, a contract is signed by the principal and the parents who agree to the reduced amount. If the parents/guardians do not meet the terms of the agreement, they may be required to withdraw their child from the school. Any discussion of negotiated tuition with any other members of the school community will result in a forfeiting of the tuition assistance. Negotiated tuition is to be kept confidential between the administration and the parent(s).


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