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Title 1

St. Ignatius of Loyola School is fortunate to have the help of the Los Angeles Unified School District which provides reading and math intervention to students. At present, these classes take place in in our classrooms, where the Title 1 teacher and St. Ignatius Teacher work together during an intervention block with a “push in” model. Teachers emphasize literacy and math instruction. Title 1 also provides our students with math intervention. If a parent chooses not to have their child participate in the program, they may write a note to the school Principal at the beginning of the school year.

Support Team Education Plan (STEP)

This process can guide administrators and school personnel through appropriate means of support for students who have an identified disability that is affecting their learning on a regular basis.

  • Step 1: Classroom Support
  • Step 2: Team Referral
  • Step 3 & 4: Notify, Collect, Compile
  • Step 5: STEP Meeting
  • Step 6: Support Team Education Meeting
  • Step 7: Action Plan Progress & (STEP) Review Meeting
  • Step 8: Public School Assessment; Minor Adjustment Plan (MAP)


Classes are scheduled to visit our school library on a weekly basis. The library is an inviting facility that enables students to embrace a variety of authors and genre. Classes also utilize the library for research work. The Book Club immerses students in a variety of literature and book talks.


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