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Saint Ignatius of Loyola School offers a course of study from Transitional Kindergarten through eighth grade. The entire school provides an environment that balances the acquisition of grade level standards while instilling Catholic values in each child. The grade level standards are based upon the California Academic Content Standards and can be viewed at The California Academic Website.  We are also committed to incorporating the Common Core State Standards into our curriculum.

Teachers utilize a variety of methodologies to ensure that each child is progressing towards mastery of the standards. The school periodically monitors student progress using benchmarks, standardized tests, and teacher-made assessments.

Title 1

St. Ignatius of Loyola School is fortunate to have the help of the Los Angeles Unified School District which provides reading intervention to students. At present, these classes take place in a portable unit on our property. Teachers emphasize literacy instruction. Title 1 also provides our students with math intervention. If a parent chooses not to have their child participate in the “pull out” program, they may write a note to the school Principal at the beginning of the school year.

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