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School-Wide Learning Expectations

The following School-Wide Learning Expectations are the qualities that we encourage our students to develop during their years at Saint Ignatius of Loyola School:


St. Ignatius of Loyola School Student Learning Expectations (SLE)

Our mascot, the falcon, helps students know and remember what is expected of them.

I am a FALCON! 

I am a Faith-filled Christian, Articulate communicator, Lifelong learner, Creative thinker, Outstanding citizen, and Nurturing individual. 

I am a Faith-Filled Christian…

*who knows about God’s love and shares it.

*who knows and abides by God’s laws.

*who prays and participates joyfully in liturgical celebrations.

I am an Articulate Communicator…

*who listens actively to the ideas of others.

*who speaks and writes effectively.

I am a Lifelong Learner…

*who sets goals for him/herself throughout the year.

*who understands that learning is ongoing.

I am a Creative Thinker…

*who experiences and participates in the arts.

*who uses varied resources/technology for problem solving and to expand knowledge.

I am an Outstanding Citizen…

*who learns about people from around the world and respects their cultures.

*who demonstrates good sportsmanship.

I am a Nurturing Individual…

*who respects the ideas of others.

*who is helpful to family, neighbor, and the world.

*who cares for oneself by making healthy choices.

Revised 10/15

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