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Sharing our Faith From Father Edwin

April 26, 2020 by Website Admin


Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This this week we begin the month of May, traditionally dedicated to our Blessed Mother.

Where does this tradition come from?  In pre-Christian Europe May was dedicated to goddesses of the spring.  These traditions were Christianized by the Church in various areas to be in honor of Mary, the Mother of God, and became popular during the medieval period into the baroque era.  The more universal observance of May as Mary’s month, as we observe now, started in the 1800s.

Although parishes have communal celebrations in honor of Mary during May (e.g., our May Crowning celebration), it should not be seen only as a “church” celebration.  Many families of various cultural backgrounds follow the tradition of setting up a special “Mary shrine” in their homes and include Marian prayers in their daily family prayers during the month of May.  Let us celebrate our heavenly Mother with joy and devotion.

May our devotion to Mary lead us to a more profound love and dedication to her son, our Lord Jesus Christ. 


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