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From Father Edwin

August 30, 2020 by Website Admin

Catholics and the 2020 Elections

What an ugly yet important season lies before us: not Halloween, but the election season.  Let us try to keep our sanity in the midst of the political strife we must endure.

Just as divided as our country is, so is the Catholic community.  There is no real “Catholic vote” in our nation any more.  Due to different backgrounds, emphases and issues that exist among Catholics some are Democrats, some Republicans and some are independents.  No political party is in sync with the teachings of the Church.  Therefore, decision making is not easy.  Each of us needs to vote and spend time reflecting for whom we will vote.

One thing I will tell you loud and clear:  do not let any Catholic organization, priest or bishop tell you for whom you need to vote!  If they tell you that it would be a “mortal sin” to vote for a certain candidate and that you cannot go to communion because of your vote, ignore them!  This is a form of spiritual coercion that is abusive and has no place in our Catholic community.  Each person can reflect on the values that our Catholic faith offers and decide what the best choice will be for us and our nation.  In many (most?) cases, there is no perfect choice.

Abortion is a tragedy.  So is racism.  So is poverty.  So is ignorance of climate change.  So is mistreatment of immigrants and migrants.  Corruption needs to be addressed.  Corporate greed needs to be addressed.  The ongoing struggle for equality needs to be addressed.  Violence needs to be addressed.  Health care needs to be addressed.  All kinds of health, economic and social issues need to be dealt with justly and wisely.  Avoid the lies and scare tactics and set some time aside to reflect, research, talk with people you know and pray.

To all of you who are able to vote, especially all you young people who have the privilege to vote for the first time… VOTE! 

–Fr. Edwin



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