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Payments are made electronically through SMART Tuition. Registration is complete upon online SMART Tuition enrollment by the responsible party. Assumes regular, active Parish involvement and $375 participation in Parish contributions/TIM. Includes Registration Fee ($370 for first student and $350 for each student in family thereafter) and SMART Tuition Fee. Does not include “Special Events” Fees. Assumes SMART Tuition of 12 monthly payments.

Number of Students Monthly Tuition Annual Tuition
1 $367.58 $4,411.25
2 $668.09 $8,017.08
3 $927.29 $11,127.48

Registration Fees

Due before May 1st

All Families

No. of Students Fees
1 student $370
2 students $720
3 students $1070
Kindergarten & Transitional Kinder $430


Smart Tuition: All families are required to register for the Smart Tuition automated system. Monthly deductions are made from a checking or savings account.  The number of payments is at your discretion, anywhere from 10 to 12 payments per year over the course of the school year, beginning in July and ending in April, May or June 5th.


Additional payment option

Half/Half: You may pay half of your tuition by June and have your balance paid in full by November.


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