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California State Standards and Benchmarks are used to guide the curriculum


St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish School provides and promotes the integration of music into the curricula in order to enhance students’ academic performance and creative development. Students participate in:

  • weekly singing instruction
  • integration of music with other skills and subjects across the curriculum
  • performance opportunities

Students can share their musical talents through choir for Family Mass, music ministry for Wednesday Mass, and events such as the Variety Show, Christmas Program, and Spring Musical.



Teachers incorporate Art into all subject areas, however students also experience formal Art Lessons through Art Trek.

Art Trek is a unique program providing each student a basic working knowledge of art techniques, media vocabulary, and history.  Professional art teachers are on campus once a month to teach art to grades K through 8.

Example Lessons: Dismantled View, Hands/Shoes Mechanical, Fruits/Vegetables, Monochromatic Design

Medium: Pencil, pen, marker, crayon, watercolor, pastels, Tempura

Concept: Basic Shapes, Cubism, Composition, Perspective, Sketch, Realism, Still Life, Color Composition, 3D Form

Students explore master artists and are exposed to art history techniques with a variety of integrated art activities.  Additionally, teachers integrate Art with all subjects areas.

You can find out more about Art Trek by clicking here: Art Trek



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