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It is St. Ignatius’ responsibility to prepare students for the future.  Every classroom is equipped with diverse technologies to support teaching and learning. Teachers are knowledgeable and skilled in the use of these technologies. As teachers integrate technology into instruction, it supports new strategies for teaching and learning by:

  • addressing diverse learning styles
  • accommodating for individual learning rates
  • encouraging cooperative learning
  • improving academic achievement in all areas

Through the generosity of our donors, Chromebooks, iPads, projectors, and software have been purchased to enhance our Blended Learning program.

St. Ignatius has been certified by Loyola Marymount University’s iDEAL Institute as an LMU Blended Learning School.

The LMU Blended Learning model offers an opportunity for the students to learn at their own pace, at their own level, through small group instruction, individual and collaborative practice and using adaptive and assignable software. Blended Learning allows teachers to get immediate data on student learning and differentiate the learning in order to maximize student success. Our teachers have received training in the best practices for Blended Learning instruction, creating a culture of college readiness/college-going mindset, and engaging students independently and collaboratively through the use of appropriate devices and software to supplement their lessons

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